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Baby Portraiture – Aynuz Zulfa Ahmad Zaki

Many new parents are coming to the realization that they really want and need baby portraits. Starting from the hospital is the perfect time to begin with. And if you have decided that baby portraits are something you want to have done, there is no better way to take them than by recruiting the assistance of a professional team of photographers.

Think of it this way, if your child was sick you wouldn’t try to diagnose and treat the child yourself, would you? Of course not, and just like you would obtain the services of a trained physician, you should also recruit the services of a trained photographer. The photographs you acquire of your child will be with you and your child for the rest of your lives. As such, it only makes sense to have the best photographs possible, and the only way to achieve this end is to have the best photographers on your side.

When it comes to baby photography, there are two photographers who are establishing themselves as the premier experts in the field. Azmirkhalid and Firdausmokhtar, of thePhotoshooterz are proving that there are no better photographers to shoot pictures of your baby. They operate anywhere that your baby is and will bring their portable studio to your chosen place instead of you coming to them. While your child will of course be the center of attention in front of the lens, it certainly helps to have an amazing background. Hospital or your own home can provide this, and Azmirkhalid and Firdausmokhtar know just how to adjust it. Your child’s early years are fleeting so they should be captured with baby portraits. thePhotoshooterz is the place to get the best of baby portraiture.

” Preserve your children’s childhood with us “

CLS Testing

hahaha..skali lagi anakku yg ‘photogedik’ ni menjadi mangsa utk aku test CLS kali ni..huhu..

dah bape sesi testing diadakan, kini dia semakin berani dihadapan camera dgn pelbagai aksi2 tersendiri..=P

Setting: D80, 17-50 f2.8, SB800 x 3

Birthday Party – Maisarah Azmir

yeah..selamat hari lahir Maisarah Azmir..

Banyak lagi gambar blh tgk kat sini!

Isymah Irdina The Series

Talent: Isymah Irdina

Age: 1 year and 349 days